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We are a family-owned business and enjoy the pristine and most fascinatingly beautiful waters on Lake Santeetlah. The definition of Santeetlah given by the Indians is “Blue Waters”. We graciously WELCOME you and yours, while offering you a most unique way to fully enjoy an adventure of your own design. We offer friendly service along with pontoons, deck/ski boats, kayaks, pull tubes, knee boards, skis, snacks, drinks and water. Pontoons and deck boats all have Bimini tops. Our prices are reasonable and our boats are well-maintained. Your business is greatly appreciated and we would like to say thank you in advance for your patronage.

Come make some memories with Santeetlah Boat Rentals!


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New Management finally!

New staff is a hoot!

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Delivered as promised

Courteous staff was very helpful and friendly

Getting back to Mother Nature

Santeetlah Boat RentalsWant to hike where the Indians and mystical panther made their way centuries before Columbus discovered America? Are you seeking an encounter with wildlife which can be from the continent to continent traveling hummingbird, the kingfisher with its unique cry and pattern of flight, even the coyote or possibly a bear? With their “reintroduction” into the mountains the chances grow each day that you just might hear the bellow of the Elk that resonated through the valleys and ridges so long ago. You might just spot signs of the Red Wolf or catch the faintest glimpse as they reinhabit their natural habitat. Perhaps as evening falls and “night sounds” begin to awake there could be the splash of the otter, the beaver, then the song of the whippoorwill, followed by the “Who, Who, Who” of the owl or hair raising song of the screech owl. The night sky appears so close and the stars so brilliant, you can almost hear the whish of the hand of God as He placed them with His word. Perhaps you will come to enjoy the unique sunrise or sunset that can only be experienced on a mountain lake. Knowing from the sheer beauty experienced on your trip is just the beginning of your adventure, that sunrises and sunsets are not the only fantastic sights to be found. All these are yours alone and available only on your private and ever-changing excursion.

Solace within

Looking for an adventure, awesome beauty, abounding excitement, or absolute peace and quiet? Lake Santeetlah is a hidden oasis with the coolness of the mountains where each direction you look, see, or turn, day or night, beauty and endless possibilities are right in your path. Perhaps you will come to enjoy the unique sunrise or sunset that can only be experienced on a mountain lake. Perhaps your dreaming of finding your own personal “hideaway” to picnic, swim, kayak, or just relax among sights, sounds and freshness that cannot be duplicated anywhere else on earth. Traveling individually, as a couple, or family there is something for everyone.

A little something for everyone

Are you young or just young at heart? Possibly the seasoned fisherman, back country trekker, or adventurer that desires a new possibility each direction you look? Lake Santeetlah also has a wide variety of fish that will entertain the fishermen. The most popular being smallmouth bass, largemouth bass and walleye. The lake also has a good population of crappie, bream and lake trout. Until recently Lake Santeetlah was home to the state record largemouth and walleye. The trophy bass awaits you.

More than Boat Rentals

As you leave Santeetlah Boat Rentals at every turn of the waterway everything changes. For example, the clouds from one moment to the next paint their own canvas of water, trees, and mountains. As the water ripples from a gentle breeze the refreshment of the air is yours alone. Here with each breath, you inhale there is that unique odors of the mountains which no other place on earth can produce. No other place on earth has the variety of everything surrounding you as this piece of heaven on earth while you enjoy the term “peace on earth” and its true meaning. Are you interested yet? You should be! It is all that has been mentioned and much more. Here at Santeetlah Boat Rentals, your fantastic adventure awaits. Come on- Lets have some Fun!!